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Pension Wealth Calculator

Your Age   (Min Age- 18yrs/Max Age- 60yrs)
Expected Maturity   Yrs (This should be greater than your age and less than or equal to 60)
Monthly Contribution  
Expected Annual Increment
in Contribution
Your Highest Tax bracket   % (Tax benefit u/s 80 CCD(2) is limited to an amount upto 10% of [basic salary + D.A] and/or under section 80 CCC is cumulatively limited to an amount of Rs. 1 Lakh)
Expected Returns

On Maturity
(If product maturity is earlier than 60 years of age, subscriber is required to compulsorily annutise 80% of maturity proceeds and if product maturity is on completion of 60 years, subscriber to compulsorily annutise 40% of maturity proceeds)
Expected Annuity
Expected Lumpsum

This calculator is provided only as general self-help planning tool and the results displayed by it are only indicative in nature and depend upon many factors, including the assumptions you provide. We do not guarantee their accuracy or applicability to your circumstances or suggest you will achieve the displayed results on account of investing in the NPS. This planning tool is not an offer, representation or warranty by the Company and does not completely describe the product. As with any financial transaction, you should carefully review the entire product and related documentation before making a decision. This calculator is not legal, accounting or tax advice by us. If you have questions on the legal or tax implications of a particular transaction, you should contact your counsel, accountant or tax advisor.
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